Wednesday, July 30

30 days over

30 days of my countryside is now over. 

Tribute Shot

So... the last post. This is my image for the tribute H7H, which I won!

Official final

Here is my contribution to the official final. I ended third. There will be one more image for the unofficial competition where we are supposed to make someone else theme.

The rejected

Ok, so I had three images I chose between for the final H2H. After asking a few people, worthians and non-worthians, The One was chosen. And these were rejected:

Too cliché:

This one some people seem to love, others hate:

Day 30: Wild cat

Finishing with a third animal portrait in Unicorn-style (yeah, it's an official style nowadays).

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Day 18: Another field

So I thought I was going to shot a church, my feet, a flamingo thingy and maybe something more.... but I didn't. Might come back with the tributes later.

Thursday, July 17

Day 17: Suziecuchon Tribute

My dog Molle here is nowhere near beating Suzies dog Yoshi in cuteness. 30 days of her dog can be seen here.

Wednesday, July 16

Day 16: Kimbomac Tribute

Kimbomacs "30 days of alphabet macro" features a new fantastic macro shot of fruits or vegetables each day. And they are shot in alphabetical order. Because my theme doesn't allow any studio shots here is an apple from our garden:

Tuesday, July 15

Day 15: Andromeda5000 tribute

Andromedas "30 days of blue jelly beans" is probably the most creative and interesting blog of them all. Visit each day for a new surprise.

Monday, July 14

Day 14: Unicornbabe Tribute

30 days of MasterGnu is announcing Tribute Week! Since I know there's a few "normal" (meaning non-worthian) people watching this blog I thought I would try to lure them into watching some of the other great 30 days-blogs. So each day this week I will make a tribute to one of the other blogs by combining mine own theme with theirs. First out is Unicornbabe:

Unicorns blog is full with wonderful close up portraits. You can find her blog here.

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Day 9: Old Pig Stable day 3

Third and last in this serie.

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Day 5: Old Pig Stable

Thought you were going to see another beautiful countryside landscape? HA, fooled! Here instead is our pig stable, nowadays no longer in use (as you might guess from the picture).

Friday, July 4

Thursday, July 3

Day 3: Barley Field

So here it comes. Enjoy!

And for those of you who wonder, it is an HDR.

Wednesday, July 2

Day 2: Wheat (not) field

The best way to keep an audience is to not give them what they want directly but wait until the end, so I'll wait a while more with landscape photography. Instead, here is another macro:

Tuesday, July 1

Day 1: Red Currant

So, first day of the thirty. My theme for this 30 days-challenge will be "my countryside", trying to capture the surrounding in which I grew up. This sounds like there will be a lot of landscape shots but I'll start of with a macro of one of our red currant bushes instead:

Soon to become home made pie, juice or something else delicious:).

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