Friday, January 30

Day30: Final picture

1 year and 22 days too late I have now finally ended my 30-day challenge with yet another picture of the University Library.

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Friday, January 16

Day16: University library, again

And I'm back for the remaining 15 days.

Cancelled due to technical difficulties

I thought 30 days of freezing cold weather and long walks were going to kill ME, but obviously my camera gave up first:(. The autofocus is not working, just going back and forth, and at the same time it is stuck on AF and won't let me shoot until it has focused. I was planning on printing out a book of the shots, so I'll probably carry on when it has been repaired but unfortunately I can't continue right now. Good luck to the rest.

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Friday, January 9

Day 9: Random Rune Stone

Painting with light:

Thanks to my assistant Klingan, without his phenomenal Umbrella-holding skills I would never have been able to shoot in the rain.

Thursday, January 8

Day 8: Zoophysiologicum

Edit: due to consistent whining I have now changed my blog-title.

Wednesday, January 7

Day 7: University Library

Will go back and shot this from another angle later I think.

Tuesday, January 6

Day 6: GeoCentrum

Where I study at the moment. Will take a picture of the whole house later.

And yes, as with most other pictures this time, it is an HDR.

Monday, January 5

Sunday, January 4

Day 4: Archaeologicum

MasterGnu walks 30 minutes to the AF stronghold (temperature below zero).
MasterGnu takes photo.
Camera says "no memory card".
MasterGnu walks home (temperature below zero).
MasterGnu puts memory card in camera.
MasterGnu walks 30 minutes back (did I mention the temperature?).
MasterGnu sees that dusk is over, it's too dark.
MasterGnu shots something else.

Saturday, January 3

Day 3: Kwak

It was raining today. More from the city of Lund tomorrow instead (if it ain't raining of course).

Friday, January 2

Day 2: Astronomicum

Added the moon and stars afterward.

Thursday, January 1

Day 1: Lund Cathedral

Last time was the countryside, now it's the city. Let's start with one for Cap:

Wednesday, July 30

30 days over

30 days of my countryside is now over. 

Tribute Shot

So... the last post. This is my image for the tribute H7H, which I won!

Official final

Here is my contribution to the official final. I ended third. There will be one more image for the unofficial competition where we are supposed to make someone else theme.

The rejected

Ok, so I had three images I chose between for the final H2H. After asking a few people, worthians and non-worthians, The One was chosen. And these were rejected:

Too cliché:

This one some people seem to love, others hate:

Day 30: Wild cat

Finishing with a third animal portrait in Unicorn-style (yeah, it's an official style nowadays).

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Friday, July 18

Day 18: Another field

So I thought I was going to shot a church, my feet, a flamingo thingy and maybe something more.... but I didn't. Might come back with the tributes later.

Thursday, July 17

Day 17: Suziecuchon Tribute

My dog Molle here is nowhere near beating Suzies dog Yoshi in cuteness. 30 days of her dog can be seen here.

Wednesday, July 16

Day 16: Kimbomac Tribute

Kimbomacs "30 days of alphabet macro" features a new fantastic macro shot of fruits or vegetables each day. And they are shot in alphabetical order. Because my theme doesn't allow any studio shots here is an apple from our garden:

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