Thursday, July 10

Day 10: Raspberry


  1. Oooh, luscious! I am so totally digging your pics, Gnu. They make me want to jump on a plane to Sweden and spend a couple of months roaming the countryside with my camera. Oh, and I'd pack extra clothes too, because two months wearing a single outfit would get a bit icky.


  2. Phwoar! What awesome colours and great depth of field. This is lovely and has great colour and presence impact. I like the composition being so top-heavy. Nice work.

  3. I want to reach out and eat one of those. Beautiful colors and awesome depth of field.

  4. Pretty raspberries! Yikes!!!
    When I was a child, my grand parents would take my brother and I picking raspberries. There was a huge berry just out of my reach, so I stepped on what I thought was a rock to try and reach it. It turned out that it wasn't a rock, but a hornets nest. So...ya, when I see raspberries that's what I think about. But I'm loving the beautiful colors in this photo.


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