Sunday, January 4

Day 4: Archaeologicum

MasterGnu walks 30 minutes to the AF stronghold (temperature below zero).
MasterGnu takes photo.
Camera says "no memory card".
MasterGnu walks home (temperature below zero).
MasterGnu puts memory card in camera.
MasterGnu walks 30 minutes back (did I mention the temperature?).
MasterGnu sees that dusk is over, it's too dark.
MasterGnu shots something else.


  1. MasterGnu is truly brave and stalwart and very keen. I hope we are going to get to see the AF stronghold, whatever that is.
    But what MG found instead is great. Love the lighting and colours and the way the building is straight while the street is slanted is intriguing. Makes me feel all off-kilter. Great job!

  2. I like the something else! Very nice. Love the cobblestone street. I hope you had your tripod with you and didn't have to walk back a third time for it. :)

  3. I really like the something else too are all the streets paved or just that one

  4. Just a little confused. If the dawn is over then it's getting lighter - not darker, isn't it????
    I really like the patterns on the road on this shot.

  5. MasterGnu should get a tilt/shift lens when he does so much architecture :) Holy ***, leaving the card at home must be close second to running out of battery because it's too cold…

    @Andromeda -- in English, there's "dusk" and "dawn". In German there's only "dawn", and I guess it's the same with Swedish…

  6. MasterGnu has no bike??
    MasterGnu has not found public transport in Lund?
    MasterGnu has no spare card in his photobag?
    MasterGnu found pretty alternative and shot a nice photo!

  7. Wooaah, loads of questions!
    Changed to dusk, sorry.
    MasterGnu has no Bike.
    MasterGnu didn't take public transport cause he closely missed it.
    MasterGnu should buy a spare card.

  8. MrNelson had a similar problem to MasterGNU yesterday.
    MrNelson goes out with the wrong aperture in his lensbaby. Goes home to get new aperture, downloads pictures at the same time. Returns to shoot some more with correct aperture but no memory card! :-(
    Nice to see you've still managed an awesome picture!

  9. Well, you can look on the bright least you got your exercise for the day! The street looks extremely interesting to me...nothing like that around here!

  10. All the hassle was worth it in the end - another beautiful Gnu photograph.

  11. The pattern of the paving is so beautiful. I bet you swore all the way back, I would have!

  12. Haha! The best with this photo is the story above, oh my god I laughed a lot. I said you should get a bike ;) Lovely pics, brother!


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