Thursday, January 8

Day 8: Zoophysiologicum

Edit: due to consistent whining I have now changed my blog-title.


  1. Yet another beautifully coloured low light shot. Great angle of view too, rather than straight on. This looks totally awesome.

    The general feeling and pattern in your portfolio is beginning to really gel well. It's like a quiet meander through your city and uni in the evening when no-one is around and all the lights are coming on. Extremely pleasant! Very well done!

  2. Your photos blow me away every day!

  3. The vines near the door look like they are slowly trying to sneak in.

  4. I prefer the first blog-title. Can you change it back please :-). Lovely magical shot. Those lights really add depth.

  5. Love the colours coming out of the upper windows and being shown down on the ground.
    Great shot.

  6. How long does it take you to convince people to move their cars and themselves out of your way?
    It looks so peaceful and the balance in colours is again fantastic.


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